Porquê Sporting? / Why Sporting¿?

Sporting Clube

The idea of wearing the Sporting shirt in the ninja was natural…..only those who are from Sporting know the meaning of being green and white with the black shorts!
I remember various chapters of my relationship with Sporting:

  • I remember jumping, with my brother Travassos, like nutters, during the the championship of 81 (I was 4/5 years old). Yes, the name of my brother is Travassos after the Sporting player, this shows the “sportinguismo” of my father.
  • When I was 9 years old, I saw the small team of my city, Sertanense, beating Benfica 7-1.
  • Visiting Lisbon on a school trip, I saw Balakov right next to me….it was an amazing experience.
  • Being a fireman in my city and being named Travassos because of my brother, he also was a fireman before me. From that day I’m known as Travassos.
  • The first Sporting game that I saw in Alvalade, was against União da Madeira (3-1). I don’t know why, but the music during the break is still in my mind.
  • I went to the old training camp and saw the juniors playing and received a signed shirt
  • I went to Porto (without a ticket to see the match) and saw the match against Salgueiros, the match that gave us the championship, then danced in Aliados until I had to go back to Lisbon.
  • Working as an engineer and collaborating on the new stadium project and passing by the construction site every day when I went to work
  • To be in the opening game of the new stadium against Manchester United
  • When I became a member of Sporting
  • Sporting’s reply to my email regarding the Ninja Project and entering Sporting’s facilities for the first time

More chapters to come….for sure!!!!

For now, I will be writing stories and taking pictures and videos of the world

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