Ilha de Príncipe… 16/7/2015 / Principe Island…16/07/2015

IIha de Principe 16/7/2015

Upon recommendation from the doctor from São Tomé, I decided that I want to visit Principe… For her, it was the trip of her life!!

The day started at 7am with adrenaline. The trip to the airport was done by motorcycle without helmet of course. In this part of the world, the helmet is only obligatory when there is police nearby. Isony was the driver and the trip cost 50.000 dobras (2€).

During the trip we agreed to rent a car to visit the whole of São Tomé until I return on the 20th of July.

In the airport I had to wait, because the airport door was closed and a huge queue with hungry people but at the same time smilling…that’s Africa, there is no doubt:-)

They say that the plane would be leaving at 11 instead of 9 am and the sick people and the women who recently gave birth can go first.

Then I realised there was a “war” for weight (max:15kgs). A man asked me to help because he wanted to send vegetables and a tyre. I said yes and helped him.

The man I helped was in the front and i was the first to get on the plane, but before they ransacked my backpack and i lost soap and scissors…

Waiting for the flight to come, a police officer informed me that outside someone was calling me to deliver a key…it was Franca, he had organised a party and needed the house until day 19!!

We departed on the flight with a two engine plane with a safety explanation. There were plenty of people outside waiting but the plane was only half full, which I didn’t understand…after 25 minutes of flight I saw the island!! From far way it seemed a normal island, but when the plane approached the island I saw the amazing jungle the island had…it seemed to be like the Amazon but with mountains and jungle.

It’s very protected and when you reach the island you have a feeling of discovery…

Perfect landing….there was a lot of army!! The president of Cabo Verde was also arriving.

I had a place to stay (in “Santa Casa”….by a contact I made in Lisbon) but I didn’t know how to arrive there….there were no taxis or motorbikes

Speaking with a man who agreed to take me with him to St. Antonio. The experience started well….

The trip was amazing, in the middle of a jungle with the Sporting colour everywhere….beautiful!

Arriving in the capital, seems another world…a city that stopped in time!! Just a simple thing like taking a photo is something very unusual. The people are unbelievably humble, polite and veeeeery friendly. Finally I arrive to Santa Casa, reservation confirmed, and everything ok. The room was correct, with a anti mosquito net and a shared bath…with cold water, of course J.

When I entered my room, a small kid visited me. His name was Maider, and was so happy and full of life…the inspiring Africa kid’s, I decided he will be the first lion to dress the Sporting shirt!!!

Maider primeiro leão
Maider primeiro leão

I had lunch in a place where the only thing alive was a chicken sleeping, strange place……then I rented a car thanks to another contact in Portugal, but I think tomorrow it will be the day to go to the beach…walking

Before I went to rest I walked by this strange paradise and I spoke a little bit with the security guard. Gustavo, a69 years old man from Cabo Verde, living here since he was 11. He told me that politics does not go down well, that the farms are abandoned and the people there don’t like to work….but he loves the island anyway.

Now time to rest!!

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